Month: September 2018


“Conor Broekhart was born to fly…” *
It’s the 1890s. Conor Broekhart’s greatest dream is to fly. Born in a hot-air balloon and gifted with a genius for science and experiments, it appears that perhaps he was destined to. That all changes when he is accused of treason and thrown into an under-sea dungeon. How can you fly when you’re trapped by stone walls and forced to fight for your life while trying to mine underwater diamonds? Is there any way out?
Airman, written by Eoin Colfer (made famous by the Artemis Fowl series) and published in 2008 by Disney Hyperion, features a determined boy, a young queen, a blind musician and a power-hungry marshal. Join Conor as he battles against all odds to break out of the Little Saltee Dungeon. Using the walls of his cell as his journal, Conor sketches the designs for his air machines. Flight is the only way off the Little Saltee. The Airman is planning to take to the skies. Will his plan work? Can he make it out? And will the true traitor take over the kingdom before Conor can stop him?
Airman is a fast-paced action novel, filled with fencing, gliders, intrigue, dark dungeons, poison, and treason. Eoin Colfer writes with a good mix of detail and dialogue; and there are almost no dull spots in this book. It flows smoothly and quickly, with new challenges rising at ever corner. Airman is at a medium reading difficulty.
I would highly recommend this book for flight-lovers ages 13+. There is a little bit of mild vulgarity as well as some intense action. Airman is written with a high dose of adventure and courageous tactics, well-written action scenes and enjoyable characters. 3 out of 5 stars.
*Airman by Eoin Colfer-Prologue