Month: May 2019


One of the most popular young adult fantasy novels in recent times, Eragon, written by Christopher Paolini and published first by Paolini International LLLC in 2002 and later by Alfred A. Knopf, a division of Random House, in 2003.
Eragon is a young farm boy living in the land of Alagaësia with his uncle and cousin, his mother having left him with them when he was newly born. Eragon discovers a strange stone while he is out hunting one day; and what hatches from that stone will change the fate of both Ergon and of the whole world. Caught up in the intrigues and destinies of a rebellion against the evil king Galbatorix, Eragon must decide to become who he was meant to be. The Dragon Riders will rise again, and the tyrant Galbatorix will rue the day he betrayed his own.
I recommend this book for ages 15+. It can be a little slow at times, but the characters are well developed, and the story is rich with histories, imaginative creatures, epic fight scenes, and powerful magic. There is some mild profanity and a mature element, as well as some violence and dark magic. An excellent read with dragons, danger, and destinies. 3.5 out of 5 stars.


My name is David Charleston.
I kill people with super powers. *

Written by Brandon Sanderson and published in 2015 by Dragonsteel Entertainment, Firefight is the compelling second installment in the popular Reckoners series. Filled with intrigue, mad superheroes, and a dash of good-humored banter, this book falls under the Superhero\Sci-Fi Action genre.
David Charleston has officially joined the band of rebels that he has dreamed about for years. They’re managed to free one metropolis from an Epic tyrant and are making plans to free other cities nearby. But Regalia, the empress of Balibar, formerly New York City, keeps interfering with their plans, sending them Epic after Epic to defeat. David is convinced that there’s more to this than meets the eye; so when Prof. Jon Phaedrus-leader of the Reckoners-decides to visit his rebel cell in Balibar, David eagerly accompanies him. Then, the Reckoners discover that a High Epic named Obliteration, one of the deadliest Epics to walk the Earth is now in Balibar and is preparing to destroy the city. Firefight, an Epic who had infiltrated the Reckoners and grown close to David, also is in Balibar. What is going on? Is Regalia plotting something that will destroy the Reckoners? And will David be able to persuade his fellow rebels that Firefight is not evil and can be trusted?
I highly recommend this book for ages 16+. There is some mature elements as well as some language and a few mildly inappropriate parts. The storyline is phenomenal, characters amazing, and super powers incredibly imaginative. 4.5 out of 5 stars.

I believe in heroes. **

*Excerpt taken from Firefight, Chapter Three; Written by Brandon Sanderson and Copyright by Dragonsteel Entertainment 2015.
**Excerpt taken from Firefight, Chapter Fifty One; Written by Brandon Sanderson and Copyright by Dragonsteel Entertainment 2015.