Blank Mastermind

Blank Mastermind


“I heard you and came back to help. It’s okay…”
The boy shook his head slowly, his eyes fixed on my face with a mix of terror and confusion. “Nobody comes back to help the person they just shot.”
Suddenly, I didn’t want to know who I was.*

Wolfgang wakes up covered with blood in the backstage of a theater. He can’t remember who he is, where he’s from, or why there’s a dead man lying only a few feet from him. So Wolfgang sets out to find answers…but what if those answers are not what he wanted them to be? What if it turns out that he’s the villain in the story? Is it too late for him to change what he’s become?

Sometimes the life you forgot isn’t one worth remembering…*

Blank Mastermind was published by the author, Rosey Mucklestone in 2018, and would fall under the Superhero genre. Filled with bombs, cake, secret gangs, superpowers, and a good dose of laughter and heart; this book is highly recommended for ages 13+. A medium reading difficulty with memorable characters and edge-of-your-seat escapades; Blank Mastermind is a thoroughly enjoyable read. 4 out of 5 stars.


*Excerpts taken from Blank Mastermind, copyrighted 2018 by Rosey Mucklestone