Brandon Sanderson


My name is David Charleston.
I kill people with super powers. *

Written by Brandon Sanderson and published in 2015 by Dragonsteel Entertainment, Firefight is the compelling second installment in the popular Reckoners series. Filled with intrigue, mad superheroes, and a dash of good-humored banter, this book falls under the Superhero\Sci-Fi Action genre.
David Charleston has officially joined the band of rebels that he has dreamed about for years. They’re managed to free one metropolis from an Epic tyrant and are making plans to free other cities nearby. But Regalia, the empress of Balibar, formerly New York City, keeps interfering with their plans, sending them Epic after Epic to defeat. David is convinced that there’s more to this than meets the eye; so when Prof. Jon Phaedrus-leader of the Reckoners-decides to visit his rebel cell in Balibar, David eagerly accompanies him. Then, the Reckoners discover that a High Epic named Obliteration, one of the deadliest Epics to walk the Earth is now in Balibar and is preparing to destroy the city. Firefight, an Epic who had infiltrated the Reckoners and grown close to David, also is in Balibar. What is going on? Is Regalia plotting something that will destroy the Reckoners? And will David be able to persuade his fellow rebels that Firefight is not evil and can be trusted?
I highly recommend this book for ages 16+. There is some mature elements as well as some language and a few mildly inappropriate parts. The storyline is phenomenal, characters amazing, and super powers incredibly imaginative. 4.5 out of 5 stars.

I believe in heroes. **

*Excerpt taken from Firefight, Chapter Three; Written by Brandon Sanderson and Copyright by Dragonsteel Entertainment 2015.
**Excerpt taken from Firefight, Chapter Fifty One; Written by Brandon Sanderson and Copyright by Dragonsteel Entertainment 2015.

The Rithamist

“Lilly set the tip of the chalk against the ground and began to draw a circle around herself. Her hand shook so much that the line was unveven. Professor Fitch would have been quite displeased to see such a sloppy Line of Warding.
Lilly snapped her head up, looking down the hallway at the door leading to the street. A shadow moved beyond the door’s clouded window plate.
The door rattled.
“Oh, Master,” she found herself whispering. “Please . . . please . . . ”
The door burst open. A figure stood framed in moonlight, a bowler on his head, a short cape covering his shoulders and coming down to his waist.
The things flooded into the room around him. Angry, squirming over floor, walls, ceiling. Their bone-white bodies almost seeming to glow in the moonlight.
Each was as flat as a piece of paper.
Each was made of chalk.
And each was terrible.
Lilly screamed.”


The Rithamist, written by Brandon Sanderson was published in 2013 by Dragonsteel Entertainment, and falls under the genres of Fantasy, Gearpunk, and Alternate History.
16-year-old Joel is an ordinary student with an interest in extraordinary subjects. Rithamitics is not a subject generally studied by non-Rithamists. The Rithamists are a group of people with mysterious powers; powers that can command drawings made of chalk. Circles, lines, squares, and little creatures called chalklings are studied by the Rithamist students who will be using their knowledge to defend the American Isles from the evil chalklings that flourish on the dark isle of Nebrask. But Joel can only watch the Rithamists from afar; as he missed his chance to become one years before. His only comfort is learning as much as he can from books, until he gets the chance to study under an old friend.
Melody is a Rithamist student on the verge of failing her classes. She gets assigned to relearn her lessons under Professor Fitch; a disgraced Rithamist teacher assigned to discovering the truth behind a recent kidnapping. The kidnapped victim was a former student of Professor Fitch’s; and there was evidence to suggest that chalklings had been the cause of her disappearance. But chalklings are not that reliable; and they must have been controlled by a master of the Rithamic arts. Unless they were wild chalkings escaped from Nebrask; which if that is the case, then all of the American Isles are in danger. And there is no escape from a wild chalking.
Melody, Joel, and Professor Fitch must use all their wits and skills against an unknown foe. They must solve the mystery of the scribbles before its too late.
But it might already be too late.
The Rithamist was a highly enjoyable, exciting read. It’s written very well, and although it doesn’t have non-stop action like most of Sanderson’s other works, there are no dull spots in it. The building of intrigue and character development keeps you wanting to read just one more chapter. This book was at medium reading difficulty.
I would recommend this book for ages 14+. It was morbid at times, and a little gory; but a fun story with amusing characters and dialogue, and a brilliant story world. 4 out of 5 stars.


How far would you go to get revenge on the man who murdered your father? Would you go as far as plotting to kill him yourself? David Charleston will stop at nothing to provide justice in this post-apocalyptic book, Steelheart, written by Brandon Sanderson. Published by Ember, an imprint of Random House Children’s Books, this book is the first in a series called The Reckoners.
David was only eight years old when he watched an Epic called Steelheart callously murder his father. Epics have superhuman abilities; some are immortal, and others have regenerative powers. They are virtually impossible to stop and they want to take over the world. Everyone fears them.
David’s life goal is to one day kill Steelheart. He’s a particularly tyrannical Epic with the power to turn inanimate objects to steel. He is incredibly strong, and almost impenetrable to any weapon. Moments before he died, however; David’s father was able to injure him…and David is determined to find out how.
Ten years later, David is still as determined as ever to kill Steelheart. Now he has a plan, and it involves a group known as the Reckoners. This elite group of rebels are an extremist gang that kills Epics. David has collected information on almost every Epic in the world. He is convinced that because of his knowledge they’ll let him join them. They can help each other; the Reckoners with their tactics and David with his information, so he sets out to find them. But when he does, they’re not exactly what he imagined they’d be…
Sanderson writes amazing stories with detailed scenes and humorous quotes. His use of dialogue is pretty good; this book is told from first person perspective and it is very interesting to read David’s insight on everything happening. The story flowed very well, and is fairly easy to read.
I would recommend this book for 15+. It had some mature themes in it, and a few uses of mild profanity. It has an extremely well written storyline, and has good imagery. 3.5 out of 5 stars.