N.D. Wilson

The Door Before

Trees, doorways, hidden paths, secret orders, and monsters converge in The Door Before, N.D. Wilson’s epic prequel to his bestselling trilogy, 100 Cupboards. Published in 2017 by Random House Books, this little book is sure to delight old friends of N.D. Wilson’s rich fantasy and make devoted fans of new ones.
Hyacinth Smith is searching for a home. Her family travels from place to place, never staying in one house for long. One day, her father announces that they have inherited a house in California; but when they get there, it’s already occupied by a distant relative who creates doors out of lightning struck wood. At first glance, they seem like only wooden frames that lead nowhere, but they are much more than that…they are portals into other realms. First, twin brothers looking for revenge stumble through the doors, then something much worse does: an ancient and evil witch bent on sucking the life out of the whole world and into herself. Hyacinth, her family, a secret order known only as the O of B, and the twin brothers Caleb and Mordecai are the only things standing in the evil witch’s way…and she will destroy all those who stand in her way. Then she will set upon the rest of the world.
Can the undying witch be defeated?
The Door Before is an amazing tale of good versus evil. N.D. Wilson has a unique style of writing; he writes in third person but so specifically that it almost seems like you are reading in first person. His dialogue and description are well balanced, and the story flows very well with no dull spots. This book is an easy to medium reading difficulty.
I would highly recommend this book for ages 12+. It is written very well with excellent morals and good literature qualities. Some of the themes are a little dark, and the violence is at times gruesome, but there is nothing objectionable in it at all. 4 out of 5 stars.